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I am a man pretty versatile in IT sphere. My main goal is to bring good products in Haskell. It synergizes with my current skills. I would appreciate errands and being responsible for backend logic, especially regarding DevOps services. I love solving efficiently – creating a valuable product of powers (opportunities) given by the world (provided by IT, Open Source, Cloud) and my glue. Mostly, if business has a request – someone already solved or partially solved it in the world and solution is mostly available or described on the global network. The only unique business code is a glue code or unique code for the core products.

To shape myself I always take the most rigorous way, to be of the best quality. To be able to fully go into work, focused, move fast, make better quality, productive in the mode of solving into the result.

Currently I prepared the most solid ground of skills and knowledge you would meet in someone that knows the basics of Haskell. I am serious about full understanding of the base and Category theory and aligned to Haskell mathematics and terminology – since they multiply the power the more you learned to think in the right way. Theory comes-out into real world of practice after deep understanding of the base of Category theory is finished (when category, functor and natural transformation understood) and structures bring the fruits.

Over life it seems to go so I would be an architect, at least I want to move in Haskell in that direction. The person, who understands the field of technology and on the right page with different people, entrepreneurs and businessmen, managers, programmers, admins, DB-admins, web-developers, hardware engineers.

During freelance I got experience working with businessmen. I discuss with them the view, priorities, and give 2-3 variants to get valuable input, get the real target better. Then with that understanding I make solution that even better suits their vision. Most times my implementations take less time, and have less cost.

I work and give back as good as I only can. I love simple, robust, maintainable solutions suited for the future and grows of the business. In IT using right approach in several dimensions (technical, management, psychological, social) it is possible to create very valuable solutions.

I have great telecommunication education, graduate and postgraduate, having a lot of math and physics. On the side, had Cisco CCNA, even taught it also for paid.


Main skills

  • Solid foundations of Haskell:, Solid Category theory foundations, & related to Haskell, Lambda calculus & Computer science mathematical theories.

  • DevOps skills: knowledge/experience of many Opens Source projects, containerization (& creating custom container images and custom IT systems from them), clustering (Kubernetes clusters), CI (Jenkins, Travis, Hydra CI, GitLab CI), AWS and GCE services and the minimization of their costs, Terraform & Ansible.

  • Nix language & Nix tooling & NixPkgs & NixOps & Hydra. Had a small team in command. Deployed Hydra CI, managed NixOS servers thru NixOps, written custom Nix language code. Contributed to upstream NixPkgs. I maintain a couple of packages in NixPkgs. Written the new Nix installer (dod a NixCon talk, to restate and merge it, core Nix team still not merged it ( Went on and gradually participating in HNix.

  • Creative at work, knowledge of many technologies, hints, ability to write in many programming languages and combine them with any services. Strict dictionary of terms and semantics, ability to reason abstractly & flexibly. Knowledgeable in many mathematical areas.

  • Deep understanding of topics which I work in. Good ability to talk and understand with managers & specialists. Having a strong character, rigorous at duties (moral character), can lead and manage people.

OS Linux

  • NixOS

  • Debian

  • Ubuntu (from 7.04 to today)

  • CentOS

  • Fedora (My first Linux was Red Hat Linux 8)

  • Arch Linux

  • Alpine Linux

  • deep knowledge of POSIX standard

  • can efficiently create&work efficiently in any Linux environment.

Have some experience in more exotic OS

  • IBM AIX systems. 6.1 and 7.1. I got IBM internship, but sadly couldn't be accepted by IBM because University document reasons (finished my degree). IBM staff, like a great company do, in apology gave me 3 basic courses of IBM AIX systems.

  • FreeBSD

  • Red Hat

OS Windows

  • Starting from MS DOS 3.0, MS DOS 5.0, Windows 1.0, 3.11, 95, 95 OSR2, 98, 98 SP1, SP2, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2012 Server. In childhood I had only old PCs, and was or PC circle.

  • I was main administrator of system integration company SI BIS, infrastructure was on Microsoft products, this is where my point of Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2012 Server from.

Non-exhaustive list of technologies I have experience in

Init subsystems

  • Systemd

  • SysV

  • Upstart

Configuration/Code Management

  • Git

  • Terraform

  • Ansible

  • Nix language & NixOps

  • SaltStack

  • Puppet

Virtualization & containerization

  • Virtualization and containerization theory & practice

  • Kubernetes

  • Docker (Compose, Machine. Swarm, private repositories)

  • Cloud platforms: AWS EC2, ECS; GC GCE, GKE

  • KVM

  • VMWare solutions line with ESXi (5.0-5.2)

  • OpenVZ

  • HyperV

  • LXC


  • Database theory. Structure, keys, normalization, queries, transactions, users, rights, boolean algebra.

  • SQL language

  • MySQL

  • MariaDB

  • PostgresSQL

  • InfluxDB (special DB for time-series data)

  • MongoDB

  • Cassandra

  • Microsoft SQL

  • Microsoft Access

  • Briefly touched NoSQL, MLP databases. Couchbase and MongoDB.


  • Zabbix (and it's theory of items, triggers, etc., low level scanning)

  • Grafana

  • InfluxDB

  • netdata sources

  • Graphite

  • SNMP for Linux systems & networking equipment

  • Windows SNMP provider

  • Windows WMI

  • Windows Perf

  • Microsoft PowerShell

  • Windows sysinfo

  • Windows logging and troubleshoot experience

  • Linux Filesystem Hierarchy

  • Linux logging (Syslog, journald and its feeatures)

  • Linux Finger

  • S.M.A.R.T. (SmartMonTools)

  • Hardware sensors information (lm_sensors and such)

  • Zabbix active agents

Backup solutions

  • Bacula

  • BareOS

  • Rsync

  • Backup to Cloud storage via WebDAV or CLI

  • Cloud snapshotting, backups, Glasier

  • Filesystem snapshotting,

  • RAID replication


  • ZFS

  • Btrfs

Programming & scripting languages experience

  • Haskell (in depth)

  • Bash, Bourne Shell, Dash, Fish, ZSH, Bat files (also in POSIX standard, ShellFire framework)

  • Python (basics)

  • Go

  • Node.JS (+ Jade, Express.JS)

  • JavaScript (+ jQuerry, CSS, HTML5)

  • C

  • C++ (basics)

  • QT, QML, QTQuick

  • Assembler (TASM)

  • BASIC (ZX Spectrum, my first PC)

  • Visual Basic

  • Pascal

  • Lisp

  • C#, .Net


  • Asterisk

  • Network education help me a lot here also


  • Solid foundations & writing of Haskell property testing. Knowledge of Category theory and related math fields help in property testing.

  • Jenkins - have basic experience with deploying and using Jenkins building pipelines and applying unit tests.

  • Travis - even written an article about Travis that later was readopted in Summoner project.

  • Hydra – as already was said deployed and maintained Hydra CI setup in a project.

Network OS

  • Cisco IOS 12.4T, and 15M

  • Cisco Catalyst

  • MikroTik RouterBOARD

  • Had brief experience with Huawei VRP to understand how much it is rewritten IOS (but all names are changed). Some technologies also.

Knowledge of telecommunications

  • Have a higher degree at Telecommunications. Master and underway Postgraduate degree. Bachelor degree was more software centered (STP modification for PON networks). Master degree more hardware centered (WDM in PON networks). From my interest to hard subject solidly I know software, hardware, and underlying Telecommunication theory, Calculus, Probability theory, Classical electrodynamics that was strong points at my University.

  • I get official CCNA education. And love Cisco tech and console.

With a team created networking lab at university. With complex infrastructure.

Sometime after that, my scientific director got a contract to conduct courses. I wrote part of the materials, and was main practical knowledge lecturer and held practices for business courses. Courses was created specifically for the Ukrainian national broadcasting company and consisted of questions they wanted. From basics of networking, ISO levels 1-3, IP/TCP stack, Cisco and MikroTik basics, basics of switching, VLANs, basic routing & protocols, to basics of encryption, and VPN tunneling, client and site-to-site. This all I explained them in detail. And there were 6 waves of courses.

That is why I have knowledge of networks on something more than Cisco CCNA level because of my Networking education & CCNA courses & some job and science experience of additional and essential topics like multi-area OSPF, MPLS, optical networks.


  • Big part of my contributions can be seen at GitHub:

  • NixPkgs:

  • HaskellWiki:

  • HNix:

  • ArchWiki: - one of the best Linux information resources (old account and current account).

  • Spacemacs:

  • OpenStreetMap: profile.

  • Also contributed to many other projects: KDE community, Mozilla Corporation, SaltStack, etc.