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How to create proxy for Spotify


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As you probably already faced, many things not available in different countries. As also Spotify.

So you are thinking how to create proxy for yourself, to stream Spotify traffic through it.

That mean you are probably a sort of technician. And probably logged in to servers in your life.

So you probably used SSH. But SSH is mush more than you think it is.

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To create a SOCKS5 Proxy server with SSH:

ssh [-p remote_port] -D local_port_to_bind_to [remote_user@]remote_mashine

and that is all.

Detailed description

  • -p remote_port - if you have not standard port for SSH;

  • -D local_port_to_bind_to - must be not "well known" and not already used port (pick just a random port above ~1024, like 8888 or 9999, up to 32000);

  • remote_mashine - domain name or IP address;

SSH is going to create local socket for that port. And going to pipe through SSH tunnel all traffic that arrived at that port to the remote host. So traffic going to go from that host IP to the Internet.

So yes, you:

  • need some remote host in the country that has service open.

USA is the safe bet.

As a tech guy, you can hold a host somewhere already, or ask some friend to pass audio traffic, it is not much. You not even need a root privileges on server to do that. You can do that as a regular user.

Client configuration

Is very straight-forward. Main Page


Good luck to you. And happy listening.