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Welcome to Anton Latukha's place

Better go have a tea, go outside and meditate, then work-out.

If you are still here... Well. Go around here, looking at stuff, until you decide to become the world. At 2019-04-01 I am seriously digging Computer sciences, mostly from the Haskell prespective and so also related mathematic theories (mostly of course Category, Type and Fundamental theories), I love philosophy and in want to go as deep as I can into philosophies of mathematics. Best you can do to understand it is to go to my new semantic notes:

Nix, NixOS, NixPkgs is also my passion and almost a principle. Thou was completely traditional DevOps before that. Sometimes I am using both worlds of knowledge. I am Nix contributor and a small maintainer of couple of packages, to both have a foot and save personal time.

I have a lot of personal documentation in form of notes.

All written content on this site is provided under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license. All code is provided under a MIT license unless otherwise stated.